Starlir (best chatting app for the whole family 2019)

Have you ever wondered if there could be a good app to chat with friends and family online other than what’s App.
For today am going to show you an App called starlir.

  • Video messaging app

    Starlir is a online chatting app which has been created to spread the chat mojo to everyone in the world.
    Most of us have been curious about what’s special about this app, first of all there’s plenty of new amazing things inside .

  • It has different themes whereby you can switch any time you like kind of like your phone when you want to change themes it’s easy and first.
    How to opt in you just need your number and you verify the number and you are in.
    It has even built in new, different and exciting emoji that brings out what you want to express to your chat.
    And it has cool background display that really gets you in the mood for chatting.
    It has a menu for all the needs of it’s users.


So it’s on Play store  you can download for free and don’t worry it has everything, can send anything , receive anything, like documents, audio, videos and emoji’s it even has a video chat and it’s clear depending on your camera.

Its’ a great app for people who want to conduct online classes or attend online classes, if even friends want to catch up and there’s a great distance between the two this is the app for reconnection for them and others who needs reconnection for being far away from their friends or family members.

Direct to download
Click picture to download.

Some of us after reading this choose to ignore and maybe think it’s not necessary for them but trying it out will make you fall in love and from there you just can’t stop thinking about using about it every time, day and night.
Most of us who have already been using it have great things to share that’s why I wrote this article for them to comment and share testimonials and more here.
I even have a bonus for all of us that there’s a give away for every active user who goes beyond making more out of Starlir App.
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