How to target instagram followers fast and easy 2020

How to target instagram followers

  1. How to get a targeted audience on instagram for your niche
    How to get targeted audience to follow you
    when it comes to getting the targeted audience what you need to do is to have a plan.

 Work first on yourself, on you.

I know this is hard for you to get,
but it simple because you want a know that you’re audience would come to you and see what you have or see what you offer.
If you don’t have anything to offer that they would want, they will just bounce back and it will be like you’ve not done anything.
so if you have not worked on yourself it should be the first step.
I can break it down to you in this simple steps, first of all
pick a niche
It’s a topic which you would like your specific audience come or to be able to engage with meaning targeting.
Optimise your profile
Another thing I want you to do is optimise your bio or your profile .

This will make it crystal clear of what you’re about and what you can offer.
This will give you a audience clear call to action whenever they visit you.
Another thing I want you to take your notice is to have a professional account.

So that when you’re posting you can be able to track or be able to see if your audience is finding your posts.
so another thing is posting relevant things or content to your audience .

So that they can be able to engage with it and take a specific action.

Specific actions might be website clicks,direct message, sharing and purchasing what you offer.
Another thing i want to add to you about this is that you need to only post relevant.

To things to your niche so that your audience are able to stay for the long run.

It will lead to your audience not staying for a little while and leaving earlier not even getting to know you.

Because that will be a loss.
It will lead to the cost your efforts to get lost or to be able to make you start again.

After you do this you will come to the next up where by you get your target audience to your feed or your following list.
This will take research and I don’t mean long research I mean simple and easy.
What you need to do is to do this the right way, like maybe you are in a niche on (how to make money online).
When you search on  Instagram this or your niche you will find top people in your niche or who have already started earlier.
What you need to do is to visit their profile and you might want to consider following them.

Because there’s benefits to this like  having mentors who may lead you to.

What other things you can add or apply on you or to your audience.
After you have visited their profile you can be able to see some of they’re posts.

Because they are in the same niche as you it’s likely that they would post relevant things.
Things like in your specific topic for which will make you easier to find an audience .

That audience you want to get back to your feed or your profile.
Which will definitely lead to them seeing what you have to offer.

So what you need to do is to visit the like button of each of the posts and you’ll see which post people engaged with.
You’ll see which people engaged with their posts example…. commenting or liking their posts .

You can be able to get them back to your profile on using this trick that I’m going to show you below.
You want to get to as many profiles as you can for the people who reacted on their posts .

And be able to like and comment on some of their posts.
If they have no post it’s best to try like to the DM them meaning direct message them what your niche is about more relevant stuff to them.
Because you found them on a specific niche and they’re highly likely to DM you back or visit your profile.

Even they might be able to give you support by sharing your post.
If they don’t do that it means that you haven’t convinced them and you need to up your game.

But don’t get me wrong and start spamming them there is a chance by doing this they might block you or report you.
Instagram  is very resourceful and will tell you if someone is active or available.

When you DM them they will tell you whether the person has seen it or not.
So if the person already seen it and  didn’t take any action there’s a high or huge percentage.

That the person is not interested or will never be interested.
It doesn’t mean you give up on the person it maybe just mean the person needs more convincing.

Convince the person or you to make the person become interested.
Not spamming but mainly making the person become convinced or interested.

Send them a few of your posts one’s that person DMs you back.
The person might be convinced on visiting your posts or your profile in order to follow you or to be able to like or engage with your posts.
These will help you stand out by personality convincing your followers and it’ll be able to get you whatyou wanted.
Another thing is your supposed to let them get to your posts or profile and give them a call to action.

When they find your post, bio or your profile they’ll know what action or actions you want them to take.
It will be simpler and they’ll be ready to take the action that you want or what you need them to do.
I repeat incase you don’t take this as important (add a call to action) .

Below your posts or below you are bio or profile, like maybe ask them to click the link down in your bio for your profile.
As you have gotten this people to your profile or following list then what you need them to do is to keep them there.
You can repeat the steps until you grow and grow more, but by keeping them you need to post relevant stuff.

On your Instagram and
Get to engage with the people who engage with your posts so that it will give you a clear picture.

What you need to implement on to your audience is if they are coming from the right (location) or if they are there right (age).
Because this will be highly beneficial because this stuff determined if they’re going to convert.
If you can add them to your mailing list or get them to take specific actions.

Like buying your product or entering your mailing list or even visits to your website.

Which will make sales for you, even you more successful and yes get more convensions.
I want to remind you again that you should have a sing up form or landing page to be able to get their emails.

So that you might be able to convert them on in the future.
Rather than depending on Instagram to bring you customers for you it will be beneficial journey on the long run.
In addition to this you might want to consider a professional account for you.


I believe the it will help you more and more in this.
But if you’re starting out try to build your followers number first .

So that you may be able to help you to use this strategy easy.

Because most people are not able to implement because of this simple mistakes like when starting not being able to get a professional account.

So that they might know which audience they attract and lose the fact of the specific audience they want

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How to target instagram followers

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How to target  instagram followers

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