How to make money by following and commenting

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For today am going to show you how to earn following and commenting .

I’ve found a site that pays you to follow twitter, facebook and like.

You get paid they pay each comment up to $0.10 or more depending on the person how he/she is willing to pay after the work is done .

There are other ways to earn too like subscribing to YouTube videos and you get paid easy money up to $0.15 each meaningful comment given some times they pay in bulk comments like $8 per 100 comments .

It’s really good and it’s called 💥cycnetwork 💥

There’s even a referral program where by you earn through sharing with your friends a link that they gave you.

They pay per each referral up to $0.10 if the friend who you referred and becomes active you get paid.

They add you about $3 if the person you referred reaches up to $10 and above and more.

In addition payments are done through PayPal and many others once the work is approved and you’ve reached a minimum of $5 and above.



How to earn

: by commenting, following, subscribing and others .

Earn up to

: $0.10 and above.
Payments :Paypal and more others.

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