Fishana app best fishing app free for download 2020 on play store

Fishana App Best fishing app

Hi there I have a question for you before I tell you about this app.

Have you ever played games but had a hard time finding out what to relate to about it, because it’s too fixed and too indoor no adventure no excitement or even any feeling at all it’s your fixed like a robot just must play yawning all through out the game.

Well it’s your lucky day because today I’m going to take you outside your house on an adventure of a fishing game that brings out the fun excitement the thrill and not forgetting the adventure of being in the sea

Fishana App Best fishing app free for download it’s more than you think it improves your your fishing strategy and guarantees a fun time experience when learning .


Fishana App Best fishing app was just waiting for you to find it.

All of this have been put in an app called Fishana app best fishing app  which will make your gaming experience just blow up.

    • Points and fun experience proof Fishana App Best fishing app
      Nice Fishana App Best fishing app


    • Fishana app best   
       fishing app free
         for download
         play store 

Most of us are already using this app but some of us unfortunately didn’t get to know about this app so sorry.

            I’m here as your friend and just getting the word straight to you you you the only mistake you’ll do is to ignore this or go to play store Fishana App  best fishing app and ignore or any type of ignorance, is bliss.

So this app is about fishing where by you earn points whenever you catch a fish.

     The fish points are different depending on each fish you catch there’s a point you get it’s rated 5 stars on playstore. 

    • .


Fishana App Best fishing app is a must have app for all who know or want to improve fishing.


               When the game starts you are given a minimum target where by you must reach.

       I know all of you who love a little bit of a challenge are getting excited and maybe have already jumped into the app Fishana app best fishing app free for download  and started downloading it now.

To all of you who are still here I’m going to continue telling you about other benefits of (Fishana App).

    • Available for every country
      Must have App

                   So first of all it’s on play store free for download and it’s approved for the whole family if you or your kids, relatives are bored or want to kill time, or have fun this is the app for you.


It has a cool settings where by you can change the lights and colour or theme you may even want to share it or comment about It just go to rate app from where you download it after playing and be sure to say something good about us.

Last of all we have a giveaway for all users who will be more active with the app eg (sharing, usage, high points, and more) we will award winners the contest is all through even while awarding the winner we’ll still continue with the contest.

To all who haven’t won anything this might be your start to winning more than you ever could.

Thanks for reading this article Fishana App Best fishing app and if you liked it feel free to share with others and leave comments about the App or questions about anything you want I will be sure to help you with all your questions.

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