Fishana app best fishing app free for download 2020 on play store

Fishana App Best fishing app

Hi there I have a question for you before I tell you about this app.

Have you ever played games but had a hard time finding out what to relate to about it, because it’s too fixed and too indoor no adventure no excitement or even any feeling at all it’s your fixed like a robot just must play yawning all through out the game.

Well it’s your lucky day because today I’m going to take you outside your house on an adventure of a fishing game that brings out the fun excitement the thrill and not forgetting the adventure of being in the sea

Fishana App Best fishing app free for download it’s more than you think it improves your your fishing strategy and guarantees a fun time experience when learning .


Fishana App Best fishing app was just waiting for you to find it.

All of this have been put in an app called Fishana app best fishing app  which will make your gaming experience just blow up.

    • Points and fun experience proof Fishana App Best fishing app
      Nice Fishana App Best fishing app


    • Fishana app best   
       fishing app free
         for download
         play store 

Most of us are already using this app but some of us unfortunately didn’t get to know about this app so sorry.

            I’m here as your friend and just getting the word straight to you you you the only mistake you’ll do is to ignore this or go to play store Fishana App  best fishing app and ignore or any type of ignorance, is bliss.

So this app is about fishing where by you earn points whenever you catch a fish.

     The fish points are different depending on each fish you catch there’s a point you get it’s rated 5 stars on playstore. 

    • .


Fishana App Best fishing app is a must have app for all who know or want to improve fishing.


               When the game starts you are given a minimum target where by you must reach.

       I know all of you who love a little bit of a challenge are getting excited and maybe have already jumped into the app Fishana app best fishing app free for download  and started downloading it now.

To all of you who are still here I’m going to continue telling you about other benefits of (Fishana App).

    • Available for every country
      Must have App

                   So first of all it’s on play store free for download and it’s approved for the whole family if you or your kids, relatives are bored or want to kill time, or have fun this is the app for you.


It has a cool settings where by you can change the lights and colour or theme you may even want to share it or comment about It just go to rate app from where you download it after playing and be sure to say something good about us.

Last of all we have a giveaway for all users who will be more active with the app eg (sharing, usage, high points, and more) we will award winners the contest is all through even while awarding the winner we’ll still continue with the contest.

To all who haven’t won anything this might be your start to winning more than you ever could.

Thanks for reading this article Fishana App Best fishing app and if you liked it feel free to share with others and leave comments about the App or questions about anything you want I will be sure to help you with all your questions.

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Toy Story 4 fantasy nice

Toy Story 4 film

Toy Story 4 film 

Toy Story 4 film
Toy Story 4 Film

Film :

Woody goes on a road trip surrounded with old and new friends. A new toy for Andy’s sister turning a new opening for the outside world.


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How to target instagram followers fast and easy 2020

How to target instagram followers

  1. How to get a targeted audience on instagram for your niche
    How to get targeted audience to follow you
    when it comes to getting the targeted audience what you need to do is to have a plan.

 Work first on yourself, on you.

I know this is hard for you to get,
but it simple because you want a know that you’re audience would come to you and see what you have or see what you offer.
If you don’t have anything to offer that they would want, they will just bounce back and it will be like you’ve not done anything.
so if you have not worked on yourself it should be the first step.
I can break it down to you in this simple steps, first of all
pick a niche
It’s a topic which you would like your specific audience come or to be able to engage with meaning targeting.
Optimise your profile
Another thing I want you to do is optimise your bio or your profile .

This will make it crystal clear of what you’re about and what you can offer.
This will give you a audience clear call to action whenever they visit you.
Another thing I want you to take your notice is to have a professional account.

So that when you’re posting you can be able to track or be able to see if your audience is finding your posts.
so another thing is posting relevant things or content to your audience .

So that they can be able to engage with it and take a specific action.

Specific actions might be website clicks,direct message, sharing and purchasing what you offer.
Another thing i want to add to you about this is that you need to only post relevant.

To things to your niche so that your audience are able to stay for the long run.

It will lead to your audience not staying for a little while and leaving earlier not even getting to know you.

Because that will be a loss.
It will lead to the cost your efforts to get lost or to be able to make you start again.

After you do this you will come to the next up where by you get your target audience to your feed or your following list.
This will take research and I don’t mean long research I mean simple and easy.
What you need to do is to do this the right way, like maybe you are in a niche on (how to make money online).
When you search on  Instagram this or your niche you will find top people in your niche or who have already started earlier.
What you need to do is to visit their profile and you might want to consider following them.

Because there’s benefits to this like  having mentors who may lead you to.

What other things you can add or apply on you or to your audience.
After you have visited their profile you can be able to see some of they’re posts.

Because they are in the same niche as you it’s likely that they would post relevant things.
Things like in your specific topic for which will make you easier to find an audience .

That audience you want to get back to your feed or your profile.
Which will definitely lead to them seeing what you have to offer.

So what you need to do is to visit the like button of each of the posts and you’ll see which post people engaged with.
You’ll see which people engaged with their posts example…. commenting or liking their posts .

You can be able to get them back to your profile on using this trick that I’m going to show you below.
You want to get to as many profiles as you can for the people who reacted on their posts .

And be able to like and comment on some of their posts.
If they have no post it’s best to try like to the DM them meaning direct message them what your niche is about more relevant stuff to them.
Because you found them on a specific niche and they’re highly likely to DM you back or visit your profile.

Even they might be able to give you support by sharing your post.
If they don’t do that it means that you haven’t convinced them and you need to up your game.

But don’t get me wrong and start spamming them there is a chance by doing this they might block you or report you.
Instagram  is very resourceful and will tell you if someone is active or available.

When you DM them they will tell you whether the person has seen it or not.
So if the person already seen it and  didn’t take any action there’s a high or huge percentage.

That the person is not interested or will never be interested.
It doesn’t mean you give up on the person it maybe just mean the person needs more convincing.

Convince the person or you to make the person become interested.
Not spamming but mainly making the person become convinced or interested.

Send them a few of your posts one’s that person DMs you back.
The person might be convinced on visiting your posts or your profile in order to follow you or to be able to like or engage with your posts.
These will help you stand out by personality convincing your followers and it’ll be able to get you whatyou wanted.
Another thing is your supposed to let them get to your posts or profile and give them a call to action.

When they find your post, bio or your profile they’ll know what action or actions you want them to take.
It will be simpler and they’ll be ready to take the action that you want or what you need them to do.
I repeat incase you don’t take this as important (add a call to action) .

Below your posts or below you are bio or profile, like maybe ask them to click the link down in your bio for your profile.
As you have gotten this people to your profile or following list then what you need them to do is to keep them there.
You can repeat the steps until you grow and grow more, but by keeping them you need to post relevant stuff.

On your Instagram and
Get to engage with the people who engage with your posts so that it will give you a clear picture.

What you need to implement on to your audience is if they are coming from the right (location) or if they are there right (age).
Because this will be highly beneficial because this stuff determined if they’re going to convert.
If you can add them to your mailing list or get them to take specific actions.

Like buying your product or entering your mailing list or even visits to your website.

Which will make sales for you, even you more successful and yes get more convensions.
I want to remind you again that you should have a sing up form or landing page to be able to get their emails.

So that you might be able to convert them on in the future.
Rather than depending on Instagram to bring you customers for you it will be beneficial journey on the long run.
In addition to this you might want to consider a professional account for you.


I believe the it will help you more and more in this.
But if you’re starting out try to build your followers number first .

So that you may be able to help you to use this strategy easy.

Because most people are not able to implement because of this simple mistakes like when starting not being able to get a professional account.

So that they might know which audience they attract and lose the fact of the specific audience they want

How to increase instagram followers or how to get more instagram to target instagram followers
How to target instagram followers

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How to target  instagram followers

Make money online fast 2020

Make money online fast

hi to all I’ve got a question for you?

have you ever searched online how to make money online fast and easy and have never experienced success.

Make money online fast 

You’ve experienced the trouble of searching online but never having a solution.

Well today is your  lucky day because I’m going to show you how to make money online fast and easy using tasks.
Tasks can completed fast to get paid fast make money online fast  is that simple so please if you are ready to learn about this and be able to apply it.
I’m going to show you a simple site  that actually pays you for this tasks and this is easy complete on anytime.

Tasks when complete you are able to get your cash and you can do is very easy and fast,how to earn money big and easy 2020

So don’t worry all you just gotta do is stick around until the end of this article.

I will have a bonus for you that will explain more and more and give you easy steps to implement .

You can even download this article to use the steps to be able to do more than expected .

so guys I’m so glad that you are here so
be sure to subscribe .

➡Pico workers 

Make money online fast
Make money online fast and free

It’s a site that gives tasks online that you can be able complete and you are given a specific amount.

The company or this site gives you different types of work to complete like basically the things that you mostly do online.

They give you a task  on make money online fast  making and when you complete them you’re payed a specific amount easy enough .
How to join Pico workers
joining it’s a very easy and simple all you need is your email address.

You visit this link  down below then you will be taken straight to their login/sign up, enter your email address and sign up.

They’re going to send a confirmation message to your email address.

You need to go to your email address inbox open their confirmation message.

And confirm, you will be sent back to login your account and put in your email login address and password and you are done.

You will be given a $0.75 bonus for signing up with this link.

Make money online fast
Make money online fast

How to choose your task

there plenty of to tasks to be completed you need to choose the one you want or the one that best suits you .


There are different categories like subscribing to YouTube channels, liking facebook picture and even commenting on YouTube videos and following someone on Instagram .

Plenty of tasks to choose from.
On the top when needed to choose the category to want, you can choose youtube Instagram and other platforms that you work.
The types of works for you to choose there plenty of work to choose from and each one of them have a specific amount that they pay you.

So what you need to do is to choose higher or lower depending on how much one you want to make.

How to get paid

You get paid when you finish the work .

After you finish that required work the owner reviews it and able to pay the required amount and you make money online fast and easy.

If you did accordingly after you complete all this work and reach the required threshold you are able to withdraw.

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How to get a yoga Christmas shirt 2020

 Yoga Christmas  shirt

Christmas for most of us is the best holiday season of the year but it’s hard for some on how to get a Yoga Christmas shirt .

Stick on this article and you’ll know everything about this issue.
As Chrismas is near the best way to aquire a one of a kind   Yoga Christmas shirt  you must choose a design that is most suitable for you .

As there is alot of bad or wacky design you want something to tell the world or your friends how lucky or good looking you are.

The easiest way to do that is by a T-shirt design that makes you cool and feel that your more than you think.

Yoga Christmas shirt 

Mostly am going to suggest one of the different types of stores that you might take a look and may be find that one or more that you just wana buy right away.

But you might rethink sooner because the shipping might change your mind, because who wana buy a T-shirt or Yoga Christmas  shirt and receive it in new-year.

Nobody right you might want to look for expected delivery rate meaning the time that it will take to get yourself that beautiful, cute or festive T-shirt that’s your desired choice.

The sooner it gets to you the happier you would be in Christmas with your Yoga Christmas shirt   or for anyone you choose to buy it for.

Yoga Christmas shirt available sites


Etsy is an e-commerce website focused on kkohandmade or vintage items and craft supplies. These items fall under a wide range of categories, including jewelry, bags, clothing, home décor and furniture, toys, art, as well as craft supplies and tools. Wikipedia


Redbubble is a global online marketplace for print-on-demand products based on user-submitted artwork. The company was founded in 2006 in Melbourne, Australia, and also maintains offices in San Francisco and Berlin. Wikipedia


Viralstyle is a crowdfunding and print on demand social commerce platform that makes it easy for anyone to create, sell, and distribute custom products worldwide. We have simplified the process and taken the hassle out of inventory, printing, and fulfillment of products. We even handle the customer service; you just sit back and collect the profits! Get Started.

Amazon, Inc., is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It is considered one of the Big Four tech companies, along with Google, Apple, and Facebook. Wikipedia

Teen public

TeePublic is a platform for custom apparel and designs owned by Redbubble. The company was founded by Adam Schwartz and Josh Abramson, who had previously co-founded Vimeo and CollegeHumor.Wikipedia


Zazzle is an American online marketplace that allows designers and customers to create their own products with independent manufacturers, as well as use images from participating companies. Zazzle has partnered with many brands to amass a collection of digital images from companies like Disney and Hallmark.Wikipedia

I have decided to give you five that I know that will provide an excellent service to make your Christmas with your Yoga   Christmas shirt   so jolly.

First of all I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year .

Even for most of you who like holidays, happy holidays.

I hope you are not affected by me jumping out of topic but I just am thankful that you landed here.

So all the above stores are huge platforms and I have a 90% guarantee that they would never disappoint and if they do by any chance.

I suggest that you speak with a designer on to design the best from the details and get your self that yoga Christmas shirt.

I want to tell you thanks for reading this article if you liked this feel free to share or comment and keep visiting for more content like this or other awesome one’s.
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How to download YouTube video 2020


How to download Youtube Videos .

Have you ever experienced a hard time downloading that YouTube video you like, you just suffered on how.
It’s been so much difficult that others gave up but as you are here I am going to show you an easy reliable way guaranteed that will make your trouble dissapear.

This app has been there for long enough and it’s known to be a very reliable.

I have been using it for about a year and so far it has been great, downloading YouTube on Android has been easy and fun.

I’ve seen them evolve, adding new features like sharing apps, videos and more.
This app really had more features, not only showing me how to download YouTube videos on my phone,
It even acts as a browser and it stands out whereby it saves you a lot of data while browsing.

          I’ve mostly save a lot of data because most videos use a lot of data to download and am really glad for getting this app.

        Most of the times I used to look for other sites to download my favourite videos but most of them were too short and took longer than expected earlier.

        YouTube has very interesting videos but not everyone has the time to watch all the videos they like.

How to download in any type or quality like audio (mp3 etc)or video quality ( 720, 3gp, mp4 etc).

Downloading YouTube videos first thing in order to use this steps first of all get this app .

After you’ve gotten this app you enter inside the app and you’ll see in the features the YouTube button.

You click on the YouTube tab and you will end up on YouTube, when you are in you’ll see some of the YouTube videos scroll until you see any video that you like, the click on the video you like and your video will start to play, when it starts playing you’ll see on the bottom left of your phone a red arrow it automatically starts shaking.

           If it doesn’t you’ll have to click on it and it will display some of the different quality or types e.g. audio or video.

Quality : 720,3gp,480 etc
You choose the desired format and it will start downloading at the background of the app and you’ll see it downloading at the top left of the app.

            So you can continue browsing other videos and it will inform you once it’s done downloading the video you liked.

How to save data

When saving data you must first go to settings, note that there are two types of settings the download settings and the app settings. The one you need is the app settings in order to save data watching YouTube videos or even other video sites.
You first enter the app and then at the bottom right of your app you’ll see a tab that says me then click on that you will be directed to your app dashboard, there you will see all your history and other details, even there will be the settings button, after clicking on it you’ll see different types of settings you can perform go to the others settings you’ll find diffrent types of video and mode settings click on the (online video quality) you’ll see different types of quality resolutions e.g. high,medium and low.
After that go back to the YouTube video you like
you’ll see a feature that says download video in which quality you want to download your YouTube videos, meaning any lower quality you choose you will save data and get more YouTube video’s downloaded to your phone for free .
If you want to get it use this link (Vidmate)  because there are many duplicated apps that will be hard to use or won’t have the required features.

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Starlir (best chatting app for the whole family 2019)

Have you ever wondered if there could be a good app to chat with friends and family online other than what’s App.
For today am going to show you an App called starlir.

  • Video messaging app

    Starlir is a online chatting app which has been created to spread the chat mojo to everyone in the world.
    Most of us have been curious about what’s special about this app, first of all there’s plenty of new amazing things inside .

  • It has different themes whereby you can switch any time you like kind of like your phone when you want to change themes it’s easy and first.
    How to opt in you just need your number and you verify the number and you are in.
    It has even built in new, different and exciting emoji that brings out what you want to express to your chat.
    And it has cool background display that really gets you in the mood for chatting.
    It has a menu for all the needs of it’s users.


So it’s on Play store  you can download for free and don’t worry it has everything, can send anything , receive anything, like documents, audio, videos and emoji’s it even has a video chat and it’s clear depending on your camera.

Its’ a great app for people who want to conduct online classes or attend online classes, if even friends want to catch up and there’s a great distance between the two this is the app for reconnection for them and others who needs reconnection for being far away from their friends or family members.

Direct to download
Click picture to download.

Some of us after reading this choose to ignore and maybe think it’s not necessary for them but trying it out will make you fall in love and from there you just can’t stop thinking about using about it every time, day and night.
Most of us who have already been using it have great things to share that’s why I wrote this article for them to comment and share testimonials and more here.
I even have a bonus for all of us that there’s a give away for every active user who goes beyond making more out of Starlir App.
And if you liked this app or this article be sure to join us by subscribing to our free e-book, and share this content to all your favorite social sites and leave a comment or a question I’ll be sure my self to attend to it right away, thanks valued visitors.

Shopping time
  • work Working online available now join free

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How to make serious money (2019) fast today

Hello guys I’m happy to be here for you and I’m so grateful for all of you who have been there .
Have been visiting and have been commenting have been sharing this amazing content .

Now I want to send you a good content which you love and I’m so grateful and exited.I know that you are my friends and you support me you are there for me and will never fail me.So today I want to show you how to make a $1000 in a in a month guys won’t believe this .

It’s been here all alone and lots of you have ignored it and am just here tell you that it’s time to move on it’s time to open your eyes and and see your life change in a way that you never expected.
I’m going to tell you about this new app it’s called wish app in this app so it’s about it’s about selling stuff online that products stuff like watches products that start from $2 and others go up to $10,000.

How to  earn

What you have to do is just have to refer and any purchase that is made you get a commission and up to $200 to $10 000 so very new amazing app that allows you to share on your Facebook, WhatsApp even in your websites and even you can write about it in your blogs anyway you share the link and just get paid easy people have been getting rich because of this app and I’m really glad and so excited to tell you about this app.
So what I’ll do is just want you to click on this link(wish app Google playstore) and it will take you to that app and you’ll be able to download it if it’s on Google Play store is really amazing and found that the app is just beautiful when you enter into the app.
It has amazing cool products just have to share and if you want to purchase you will earn points and you earn points starting from 10 points 100 points and above .
The points are used when you purchase or when you have a coupon you just get 5% off to 4% off in any product product that you purchased and these products are amazing you can even buy them they have cool watches and never seen they even ship in other countries and if you want your country to be shipped is easy is not expensive when you purchase it is just delivered to your doorstep and you just pay.

This app is so amazing I’m telling you when you just download and enter it and just be mind blown.

All the products you may even purchase them if you want leave them and just refer and earn big .

And even if you don’t want to purchase it’s just Ok get a little something  cash back for other products or even get other cool coupons which when you purchase and when they have a sale just redeem the coupons and get and get 10% off 5% off or more.

If you may want a phone or a laptop or even just redeem the points and you get it at a lower price like let’s say I watched like watch it’s available in $2 but when you purchase it while you of redeemed you get it for let’s say $1.50 and they cut 50 cents off or even more depending on the coupon that you redeem if you redeemed let’s say a coupon of 100 points you may get even 10% off and that’s amazing guys even can get phones buy phones at a lower price or even even buy laptops for a lower price


Wish app
How to earn referring products,friends etc
Countries availability

Things to do

So go on guys and try the app and if you earn I’m very glad and if you don’t just keep visiting my website.
I’ll be updating more content which will help you out make you to earn.
And if you are new just go back to my other blog post I’m sure that you’ll find one of them that will help you earn.
If you don’t find I’ll be one on one chatting with you by email and I’ll help you out to earn as an affiliate marketer and even in free app testing and even in other ways of earning I have lots and lots of content will make sure that you earn.

Extra things to do

So what i want you to do just want you to comment anything that you want .
Then will reply to you and if share this content I’ll be glad and even if you not share you can download some of my apps or visit some of my websites and see what I’ve got to say.
If you are not satisfied with those just keep visiting my website I’ll keep informing and updating or even subscribe subscribe to my website so that you don’t miss nothing.
So guys I’m done and I’m grateful and I’ll be updating content so I hope that you keep visiting and refer and tell people about this good news I want you guys to support me because I support you because one of the things that I tell my folks is no one supported me when I’m studying online I didn’t know where what to which place I will earn online that’s why I was started started Google search and and just searching until I found and I hope that I will change the lights all help people to an online and be able to be comfortable online and be able to start a freelance job online that you can earn in your house and guys if you feel that is content is so amazing, you can donate here, if you earn in the future just come back and hit the donate button just donate from $1 and above I will really appreciate it.
I will be updating content and give thumbs up to anyone who will be able to donation be able to show more support.



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How to make money collecting leads

Hi there thanks for being here for today am going to show you, how to earn money by collecting emails up to $1—$2 and above per lead isn’t that awesome . I have stumbled upon a website that pays you for collection of emails.


It’s simple you just google search ( When you find you will land in their homepage and you need to join. In the site homepage you will find a button that says start earning money today and you click on it and there will be a sign up form you enter your details to the sign up form and after you finish submit .

Google Search


When you already sign in you visit your dashboard and you will get different offers from different sites with Landpages that will pay you money up to $1.50 and above if you get emails for that landpage they will pay you for that.

How to get emails

It’s very simple to make money easy for anyone. Am going to show ways and tricks that will be sure to help you to earn big in this site.First of all you need to choose from your dashboard offers and any offer you choose this will benefit you.

How to get natural traffic to your landpage

There are many ways to get traffic to those landpages like creating a website or if you don’t have money don’t worry there are free platforms to create a website or a blog like WordPress or They will give you free domain name and free hosting there somethings which will be limited but it will not affect you in what you want to get emails and traffic. The other way is to create a trendy facebook page and put up a question or something related to your landing page and for them to join must enter an email. Don’t worry if it takes to long as long as you chose a trendy topic. Another way is to look for blogs, forums that will allow you to put up a landing page or link.The other one which will guarantee to work take the landing page URL or link and look for link shortening sites and shorten your link and go paste it in sites, blogs, forums, YouTube comment sections for popular videos, Google review apps, facebook pages that receives a lot of traffic and if you want to learn more ways leave a comment and subscribe and I will help you out. Offers They have lots of offers like get leads for different sites and they have different pay outs of offers you choose anyone you like another thing they have memberships to limited and unlimited offers meaning that there are offers you will pay to be a part of and others you can choose freely .


How to earn By collecting emails

Tricks to earn

Open facebook page,website,blog Post in high traffic places .eg forums

Site Google Search Countries all

Thanks for visiting my site your presence here is deeply appreciated.

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How to earn money easy and big 2020

How to earn money easy and big

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How to earn money easy and big
How to earn money easy and big

It’s easy and big……..

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